Our parent body, Ormiston Trust, was founded for deeply philanthropic reasons with a view to improving the life chances of young people. This principle informs all of the Trust’s work and has been the foundation for the ongoing success achieved across our academies.

OAT has a central office in Birmingham and works closely with its 39 academies throughout England, clustered into east, west, south and north regions. You can see a map of Academy locations here.

It is independent of any political, religious or other affiliation and is a not for profit organisation. The senior team has a proven track record of designing and executing high-quality education at national, regional and institutional levels, and is overseen by an experienced and strategic board, which contains expertise in business, education policy-making, delivery, governance and finance.

Strong and aspirational leadership is central to our academies’ success, and OAT has always developed new leaders from within, with nearly a third of OAT academy leaders being home-grown. Additionally, to enhance the strength of our own talent, we recruit high-quality, external academy leaders with experience of raising aspirations, and ensuring the highest standards of performance and behaviour. OAT is also proud to have a number of academy leaders nationally recognised for their excellence, including National Leaders of Education.

OAT is continually innovating to drive improvement across its academies, focusing on raising levels of academic attainment, whilst ensuring that there is positive impact in the local communities we serve.

Achievement is always locally-led, but regionally and nationally governed, encouraged and supported; and our approach combines a highly specialised hub with inspirational regional and institutional leadership. Individual academy leaders are trusted to make decisions based on their expertise and knowledge of their school. The small and expert central team works closely with academy principals and local governing bodies.

OAT’s vision is for all young people to have access to the highest academic, social and practical skills required to achieve their full potential, whether going on to study at a leading university or entering the world of work.

Visit http://www.ormistonacademiestrust.co.uk/ to find out more.